Sound of Hope 2018 Kick Off Party

We started our new year with Kickoff party on Friday 8/10. Everyone looked 2 inches taller! We have so many new members this year and we are so excited to share this wonderful experience with everyone.    We are going to be following up our kickoff  party with our first performance on 08/25 at Harbour Manor.    We really want to not just share the experience of showcasing our music but also growing in friendship this year.   We really hope to  grow tighter and stronger as a group more like a family this year and the kickoff party gave us a chance to get the ball rolling.   We really appreciate all the parents for providing so much help and food to make the first event such success.   We are so thankful for everyone for giving their time and commitment to Sound of Hope, and we are here because of each individual playing intricate party to make a one great group.   Alright, let's get this new season started!!