Sound of Hope is an organization that aims to bring the joy of music to people in our community that may need uplifting of mind and spirit.


We as a group will reach out to those who are in need to give them hope and courage through power of music. Sound of Hope will reach out to nursing homes, orphanages, hospitals, and other community events to bring smiles and happiness to anyone who might be in need of a boost of joy in their lives.

Sound of Hope is comprised of handful of adult board members and young musicians ranging from ages 6 and up. We are a truly non-profit organization and no monetary compensation is given out to anyone. As an organization, we strongly believe in serving and volunteering and teaching our younger generations of these values.   

There are many people in our community suffering from depression, loneliness, separation, and abandonment who can gain so much just from knowing that there are people who genuinely cares for them. Sound of Hope will strive to become the glimmer of hope for all who are in need of warm and cheerful sound in their hearts.


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