Welcome Back SOH members!

Welcome Back 2.gif

It was such a sweet break for all of us... something that we always wait for... And I know it is not long enough AT ALL for any of us. However, we truly missed EVERYONE for two months. We have been waiting to set up a new appointment with a new place and it seems like we are finally going.

Several new members have joined us during the summer and it is so exciting to see our group growing. We will be MORE than happy to see you all soon and we will learn the joy of serving agian!

We welcome all of you with big open arms. We are Sound of Hope!

We are growing....

Last Saturday was our 6th visit to one of the nursing homes in Indianapolis, SOH (Sound of Hope) story 6!  I still remember when we first vaguely talked about about serving this community.  It was a very brave decision to form our group, Sound of Hope.  We started at our house with 7-8 students who were led by their moms.  We had 4 wonderful supporting board members who were willing to give up their times and share their ideas. Thankfully our SOH members are so amazingly dedicated ! They all truly have serving hearts!

Six months later, our group is now up to 25 wonderful student musicians. And we are still getting quite of applications every month.  It is truly wonderful to see how people want to do good things using thier talents.  It is not easy, I must admit, but it is satisfying.

Our music is not perfect, but we are certainly growing every month both musically and emotionally.   I am certain even this little act of service to our neighbors will influence people around us in meaningful ways.  And we hope that someday, our stories will be powerful enough to change the world..... the world where people live happily together!   We will try hard to bring our Hope stories to the world. Sound of Hope, we will not stop.